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I am not able to make payment.

Case 1: I am getting an error/failure message

There are many reasons why your transaction could fail or show an error. Some of these may be that your details were entered incorrectly, you did not complete the transaction in time, your bank declined the payment, etc. Please check if all the details are correct and the card is functional.

In the event that you are still not able to make the payment, kindly mail us at info@globehealthcare.in with the screenshot of the error so that we can investigate the matter and help you consult.


Case 2: My preferred mode of payment is not available

We have incorporated all the popular modes of online payment that are available on Globe.

In case you still feel that we have missed out any mode, please feel free to mail us at info@globehealthcare.in so that we can do the needful.

I am not satisfied with the consultation and require a refund

We are extremely sorry that we were not able to solve your problem.

Please mail us at info@globehealthcare.in along with the reason for your dissatisfaction and how we can improve our services.

We will first try to rectify the problem with our best ability. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund the money - no questions asked!

I made multiple payments

Our system automatically monitors and refunds any duplicate payments.

In the event that you have not received an automatic refund for your duplicate payment, kindly mail at info@globehealthcare.in or call us at +918383909298, so that we can investigate the matter and do the needful.